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G.F Haendel 1685 – 1759

Haendel – Rinaldo – Thibault Noally


In the case of unfavorable weather conditions, the Notre-Dame Basilica will be the venue.

27 July 2024 • 21h Cour des Hospices

Rinaldo is the first Italian lyric drama composed by Handel for the London stage. The premiere, on February 24, 1711, at the Queen’s Theater in Haymarket, featuring the castrato Nicolini and soprano Francesca Boschi in the title roles, was a significant event in the history of opera in England. With 15 triumphant performances, Rinaldo marks the beginning of Handel’s conquest of English opera. The plot, drawn from Tasso’s “Jerusalem Delivered,” depicts Goffredo, leader of the Christian crusaders, promising his daughter Almirena’s hand to the hero Rinaldo in case of the conquest of the holy city, defended by King Argante and the sorceress Armide. Rinaldo features a series of numbers among the most beautiful ever composed by Handel, including the famous arias “Cara Sposa” and “Lascia ch’o pianga,” profoundly moving and poignant melodies.


Ensemble : Les Accents / Direction musicale : Thibault Noally

Rinaldo - Carlo Vistoli, countertenor
Armida - Chiara Skerath, soprano
Almirena - Gwendoline Blondeel, soprano
Goffredo - Lorrie Garcia, contralto
Eustazio - Anthea Pichanik, contralto
Argante - Victor Sicard, baritone

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