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A castra superstar : Antonio Bernacchi recital de Carlo Vistoli, contre-tenor


Airs de Haendel, Scarlatti, Gasparini, Pollarolo ...

28 July 2024 • 21h Notre-Dame Basilica

Since his discovery by Anne Blanchard at the Renata Tebaldi Competition in San Marino, countertenor Carlo Vistoli has become one of the most brilliant countertenors of the new generation and the privileged partner of diva Cecilia Bartoli.

Antonio Bernacchi, singer and teacher, was one of the most famous and revered castrati of the eighteenth century. His pupils included Farinelli (in 1727) and the tenor Anton Raaf.

During his career, he had the opportunity to collaborate with major composers such as Georg Friedrich Handel, for whom Carlo sang two famous arias, “Furibondo spira il vento and disperi peregrino” (Partenope), and Alessandro Scarlatti, for whom he sang “Vago sei, volto amoroso” (from Griselda). He has also collaborated with all the opera composers of his generation, including Pollarolo, Schiassi, Predieri and Torri.

The programme for this concert paints a portrait of this incredible artist, a great virtuoso who was also highly expressive in his most emblematic roles.


Ensemble : Les Accents / Direction musicale : Thibault Noally

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